New Pitchnut Hybrid Discovered

I got a lead the other day from Carrom expert, Bruce. He spotted this cool hybrid of pitchnut and carrom (in Canada, they would call it pichenotte). It may be the elusive Archarena game I've heard about but never seen. Instead of screws or pegs, it's got wickets, or arches. I bought the game and should be getting it soon. It's in Sherbrooke, Quebec. I'm guessing it'll be harder to play, since there are no recessed alleys to guide the pieces into the pockets.

In other news, I've almost finished 6 new boards (#s 88-94) soon I'll have built 100 boards. I'd love to know how many Mr. Scalabrini built. Apparently he was making them for 50+ years, so I can imagine it was hundreds.