Lee & Kelly Larcheveque win the 2nd Annual Addison County Croknut Day Pitchnut Tournament

Lee and Kelly Larcheveque, the "Honeybadgers" defended their reign of the Addison County, VT doubles pitchnut tournament, March first at the Lincoln Peak Winery in New Haven, VT by going undefeated, 10-0. On their way to a 14-1 first round, they dipatched the Pitchforks 3-0, Nonononono 3-0, Scas 3-0, and Smackdown 3-0 before losing their first game to Under Pressure. In the second round, they beat Peach 3-0, Tough Call 2-1, The Vergeniuses 2-1 and the Kinky Khmers 3-0, and in a rematch of last year's championship, won a close one against The Brothers Meader 2-1. Their final record was 26-4.

Around 40 pitchnutters and crokinolers attended the event. Thanks again to Ben Meader for organizing the event and the folks at Lincoln Peak winery for hosting what hopefully will be an annual event. Thanks to everyone for attending. It was a blast!