Isamu Bix Wins Larch Madness 2014

It was the largest pitchnut tournament yet. Twenty Six players. Each player was seeded in two brackets. Isamu Bix came out of nowhere to win it all- convincingly. Isamu lost his first match in the bottom bracket to Noah KH 2-1, but swept many or ARHS' best players: Avery 2-1, Matt 2-0, Jonah 2-0, Myles 2-0 and Cooper 3-0, before meeting up with Myles again in the championship game, where Isamu won 3-0. That's a record of 15 and 3 (a staggering 83%)! Isamu started the tournament as the 20th seed in our old ranking system, but finished as a forced to be reckoned with.

Myles reach the final with an impressive streak of 6 wins in elimanation games. He reached the final four of the top bracket with wins over Isaiah 2-1, Ryan 2-1, Mangels 2-1 before losing to Isamu 2-0. In the bottom bracket he knocked off Goldman 2-0, Kaplan 2-1, Rudd, 2-0, Larch 2-1, and upset-minded Isaiah 3-2 in a nail-biting final four match. Isamu had Myles' number, though and Myles couldn't muster a single win in 5 tries. 

Larch, who named the tournament after himself, didn't manage to break the final four, losing to Mercer 2-1 in the top bracket and Myles 2-1 in the bottom for a reasonable, but unimpressive 8-5 record.

Next up is the Back Alley Brawl- this time slightly larger, with two- 28 seeded brackets, this time seeded according to winning percentage. Our other tournament winners- Cooper, Larch and Rudd hope for redemption, and regular season upstarts like Kaplan and Avery look to establish themselves as tournament Goliaths.