Pitchnut Board

"The fast, fun, finger-flicking game"

The Origin of Pitchnut Discovered?

This morning I called an 85-year old man, Albert Brunelle, (the uncle of my brother's neighbor's friend) who presently lives in Connecticut, but was born and grew up in Coaticook, Quebec. He remembers a man named Scalabrini in St. Hermenegilde, Quebec (just north of Vermont) who built and sold pitchnut boards in the 1920's. Albert says that Scalabrini had been building the games since 1900, at least.

At ARHS, old game made new, Teacher launches 'pitchnut' club

By Bob Dunn: Staff WriterJoey, Noah, Jeff, and Scott begin a game of pitchnut last week at Amherst Regional High SchoolJoey, Noah, Jeff, and Scott begin a game of pitchnut last week at Amherst Regional High SchoolRemember when board games were made out of boards?Lee Larcheveque does, and he's sharing that memory with his high school students by introducing them to a game called pitchnut.

Where did Pitchnut Come From?

Good question. That's what I'd like to know. Here's what I do know. My grandfather, Louis Blain, who was born in Quebec and moved to E. Hartford, CT, had a pitchnut board. His cousin, Harvey Martineau, who lived in Hartford, also had one. The two boards were reunited after at least 20 years in September '06. When and where those boards were built is unkown.

Trademark is Now Official

That means I'm the only one that can sell boards and call them pitchnut. And the logo, too, that's trademarked. I need to add the little TM. And time to get T-Shirts printed up. I'll get on that soon. Any requests for colors? I got an offer from a company to search for people who are infringing my trademark. I can save the $300 a month and do it myself. http://tess2.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=doc&state=bcajbo.2.1