Pitchnut Board

"The fast, fun, finger-flicking game"

Five brand-new boards just built!

In time for the holidays. Buy yours before someone else does. These pitchnut boards are made out of birch plywood with poplar sides. Order by December 15 to ensure you get it by Christmas.

Larcheveque Wins 2010 ARHS Pitchnut Tournament

Larch won his first tournament ever, dispensing with Amos in the final, 3-1 in a tournament that featured a dozen necomers and a dozen veterans November 18-22, 2010. Amos knocked off newcomer, Drew, 3-1 in the second place game. Larch's path, fortunatey, did not go through Kevin or Matt, who won their fair share of tournaments. He beat Jimmy, Owen, Drew, and Jeremy to get to the title match. Amos dispensed with Connor, Hixon, Jesse and Jimmy before succombing to Larch.

Pitchnut Origins Confirmed

Nine hours after speaking with Albert Brunelle, I found myself at a contra dance in Greenfield, MA. By chance, the band of the night was Tidal Wave, whose members were from Montreal, Quebec City and the Acadian region. My recent quest is to ask every person I meet from Quebec if they've heard of (my version of) pitchnut. When the intermission started I made my way on stage and asked the Accordion player if he'd heard of or played pichenotte. He said he'd played as a kid.

Hunt for the Origins of Pitchnut

Greetings from Dunham,Quebec! I woke up at 5 this morning and hit the road by 6:00 after waiting in a painfully slow line at the Noho Dunkin. By 10 I was in Coaticook. First stop was the bank to get Canadian cash. The bank was quite closed as was the one in Derby, VT. I was a little nervous about not having cash on me, but had plenty of green stuff. The librarian at Coaticook library didnèt really speak English and didnèt show any signs of recognizing the pitchnut photo I showed her.