Pitchnut Board

"The fast, fun, finger-flicking game"

Pitchnut Comes to French Heritage Day

On Saturday, July 13th, I traveled up to Vergennes, VT for the annual French Heritage Day. I set up my sent with 8 brand new pitchnut boards and newly revised rulebook. I met a ton of people, including a man who had actually seen the game before. Just about everyone else had never seen it, but most were familiar with pichenotte or crokinole. The kids loved it and played all day. I even sold a couple boards. I was hoping to drive around Quebec again and search for native pitchnut boards, but was exhausted from standing for 6 hours straight. That'll teach me to be a "stander."

Pitchnut Board #100 finished on January 13th

The first pitchnut board I built was back in 1988. I fished some old cabinets out of a dumpster and fashioned together a board with masonite and pine baseboards. Bad idea. The board was virtually unplayable, masonite is not smooth, the pine dented and the cabinets had been painted. Ten years later, I built 4 new boards. They were much better, but the sides were a bit too high. I still have one of them, board #1 resides in my classroom for the ARHS pitchnut club to play on.

Lee and Kelly Larcheveque win the Addison County Pitchnut Tournament

About 40 avid gamers showed up for the first ever Addison County "Croki-Nut" Day at the Lincoln Peak Winery in New Haven, Vermont. Middlebury grad student, Ben Meader organized the event, which featured two round-robin sessions of crokinole and pitchnut. Lee and Kelly Larcheveque edged Ben and Emma Meader 11-10 after round robin play and beat them 3-0 one on one in the championship match. Ben and Emma might have done better if the poison didn't find its way into a pocket multiple times. Still, a win's a win. Ben will surely try to avenge his loss as soon as possible.

Pitchnut Featured on Vermont Public Radio

Although they call it "pinchnut", Vermont Public Radio covered the Addison County Croki-Nut Day. You can listen to the story here: