Pitchnut Board

"The fast, fun, finger-flicking game"

Lee Larcheveque Runs the board

In 25 years of pitchnutting, I've never run the table. On a couple occasions, I got 9 pieces in on a turn. In fact last month I cleared 9 and Matt Santana immediately scored 9 on the next turn. On January 28, though, an unfortunate opponent (his name withheld, to prevent embarrassment) did the "smash 'em" break, setting up at least 5 pieces in perfect position. Two sets of doubles later, I had to clear two back alley shots and sink the poison, which was between the left back pocket screws- for the elusive eleven. It might be another 25 years before I run the table again.

Jake Rudd wins* ARHS 2013 Championship

That's "wins" with an asterisk. Jake beat Ben 2-0, Myles 2-0, Cooper 3-0, but lost to Larch in the winners' bracket 4-2 (coming one shot away from tying it 3-3). He then beat Cooper (winner of the ARHS 2013 regular season) in the losers' bracket 4-3 and lost to Larch again 3-0. He wins a gift Certificate to Panda East. Congrats Jake!

8 new boards finished this week!

I just finished building boards #124-131. They're gorgeous! If you're hoping to get one for the holidays, don't wait! These boards will sell fast. Four people have said they're interested, but I sell them first-come first served, so make your order today. I take PayPal or personal checks. In other news, in a month I'll have a larger workshop, so I'll be able to stock up on materials and supplies and finished boards, so in 2014, there will be less wait time. I can't wait!

Pitchnut Comes to French Heritage Day

On Saturday, July 13th, I traveled up to Vergennes, VT for the annual French Heritage Day. I set up my sent with 8 brand new pitchnut boards and newly revised rulebook. I met a ton of people, including a man who had actually seen the game before. Just about everyone else had never seen it, but most were familiar with pichenotte or crokinole. The kids loved it and played all day. I even sold a couple boards. I was hoping to drive around Quebec again and search for native pitchnut boards, but was exhausted from standing for 6 hours straight. That'll teach me to be a "stander."